Oncologic, Pediatric, Functional and Reconstructive Urology


ONCOLOGIC  UROLOGY                            8.25 - 10.30

Chairmen : Dr. L. Hoekx - Prof. dr. H. Van Poppel

Welcome - H.Van Poppel

How can we improve the QoC in Belgium ? - F. Ameye

Management of pT1GIII Bladder cancer - P. Gontero Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ≥ T2GIII? - S. Osanto

Do we need to treat the primary tumor in mRCC ? - A. Bex

Novel markers in renal cell cancer - J. Berkers


PAEDIATRIC  UROLOGY                          10.50 - 13.00

Chairmen : -  Dr. J. Baert - Prof. dr. G. Bogaert

Hypospadias: where to cut and what to do - Larry Baskin

Reflux: new evidence means new guidelines - Marcus Riccabona

Overactive bladder in children: step by step - Piet Hoebeke

Varicocoele screening : only in Belgium? - Gunter De Win

Cryptorchidism: technical aspects - Piet Callewaert

Cryptorchidism : hormones and guidelines - Axel Feyaerts

FUNCTIONAL  UROLOGY                        14.00 - 16.00

Chairmen : Prof. dr. T. Roumeguère - Prof. Dr. D. Michielsen

EAU Guidelines on incontinence - M. Lucas

Slings for male incontinence? - F. Haab

Stem cells for erectile dysfunction - M. Albersen

Refractory OAB: what to do. - K. Everaert

FDA warning about meshes: what now? - D. De Ridder

RECONSTRUCTIVE  UROLOGY               16.30 - 18.00

Chairmen : Prof. dr. D. Waltrégny - Prof. dr. F. Van der Aa

Ultraradical pelvic surgery and reconstruction - M. Spahn

Ureteral reconstruction : the Leuven experience - S. Joniau

Urethral reconstruction : the hard cases - N. Lumen